My most recent work and first film, Separated, received at screening at the 2018 San Francisco Art

Institute BFA Exhibit, Denver  Experimental Film Festival, Art Rooms Festival 2019: London, and part of the debut collection for M.A.D. Gallery Milano

Inspired by the works of Almodovar, Innaratu, The Fifth Element, music videos and live shows - my films are immersive, sarcastic, rhythmic, romantic, and a teetering mix of genres. 


The first video, Saycsar directed was Sam Sparro's cover of "Rock the Boat" in 2015 which has since garnered 10k views. Several music videos (collective 4k views) and a curated playlist for his film Separated gave him the confidence to really consider making his own music. Saycsar became SCZR. 

Summer 2018, he was diagnosed with HIV and immediately began writing to escape or try and confront my battles.

His self-produced debut LP, Sangre ("blood", sp.)  mixes introspective and social commentary lyrics with sharp humor, pop choruses/ hooks, and transcendent instrumentation.


As a child, I was fascinated with performing - my mother took me backstage at a child’s musical

and when asked what did I think, she tells me that I said “I want to be a producer”. Childhood was heavily inspired by music ranging from hi-nrg and 00s pop to alternative rock and later R&B. That has not changed

over the years as I’m constantly seeking a new way to express and collaborate. Working in a comedy club during college and every department of theater department in high school and after.